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Find caring and compassion when you need it most from the expert professionals with Christian Counseling Services

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Their gifts

Meet Craig and Arla


Where experience counts

With more than a quarter century of professional experience, over 40 years of marriage, and  30 years knowing the Lord, Frank "Craig" and Arla Ford put teamwork behind everything they do.  

Frank "Craig" Ford is a Licensed Clinical social worker, (LCSW) with a Master's degree in social work from the University of Missouri. Arla has a Master's in counseling from Liberty University in Virginia. They married in 1971 and are parents of three successfully reared adult children.


Craig and Arla work individually and together using their Christian foundation as basis for helping others look inside themselves, examine their strategies, damage, and motivations, find hope for healing, and achieve God's best.  They combine confidential counseling with compassion and humor in a warm professional setting to create an accepting safe environment for clients to share their heart and hurt.

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